Crystal Chan is a writer and editor.



Why 'hooked on culture'?

I love the dual meaning of the word: culture as in arts and creativity, and culture as in society, identity, and heritage. I cover both sides and am particularly interested in the intersection between the two.

My work has appeared on the CBC and in Reader's Digest and Maisonneuve in Canada, in Yankee and The Forward in the U.S., and in The Montreal Gazette, Nightlife, and Cult MTL in Montreal; I was also a film critic for the Montreal Mirror and Ioncinema. I have written for many other local, national, and international publications, including leading arts and culture magazines such as Sight & Sound.

I am the Manager of magazine and the Editor of QWF Writes, a monthly essay series run by the Quebec Writers' Federation. Before that, I was the Managing Editor of La Scena Musicale magazine and Program Coordinator of ELAN (English-Language Arts Network).

I've juried journalism awards and been asked to speak about writing and media. I can take photos to accompany my stories. You can see sample photography shot at the Bastille during the 2012 French presidential elections and in Madrid on the one-year anniversary of the 15-M Movement in Spain, a major inspiration for Occupy Wall Street.

I am also hired by organizations and academics to manage publishing projects. The services I provide include: writing, editing, research, strategy, website creation & management, layout & design, marketing, public relations, event planning, and translation. As the project manager, I find specialists and then oversee their progress for my clients. Je travaille en français aussi.

You can listen to my CBC IDEAS radio documentary, McLaren in 4D.

You can read some of my articles below: