I design and lead a project’s vision, plan, and creative team. Or, I hone in and polish the work itself. Currently, I’m an editor at UBC Press, where I’m helping to develop a book series and interactive platform for Indigenous and collaborative authorship. I also edit QWF Writes, an essay series published by the Quebec Writers’ Federation. Before that, I was the Manager of alt.theatre magazine, Managing Editor of La Scena Musicale magazine, and Program Coordinator of ELAN (English-Language Arts Network).

I’m hired by authors, academics, organizations, and agencies for: managing, production, developmental, substantive, structural, stylistic or copy editing; proofreading; fact checking; rewriting; and multimedia management. Contracts have also included work as a project manager; layout or design editor (print or front-end web development); researcher; and communications, public relations or publishing director. In addition, I edit literary and academic writing, grants and other applications, as well as  strategic or report documents.